TALISMAN Indian of the prosperity and power of the GRAND MAGE KOKOUVI.

TALISMAN Indian of the prosperity and power of the GRAND MAGE KOKOUVI.

The TALISMAN Indian of the prosperity and power of the GRAND MAGE KOKOUVI offer powerful spiritual vibrations that will embark you in an astrospirital flight in order to pierce the treasure sought (money, prosperity, signing contracts, investment, affection, success, promotion, work , travel, marriage, childbirth, health, peace, love, success in studies, examinations and competitions. Thanks to the energies and vibrations contained in this powerful Indian talisman, you will dominate the world and humans. The legendary crown of command, wealth, prosperity, peace, affection and success in all your businesses will shine now on your head and on your chakras. You will therefore possess exceptional spiritual powers in order to dominate the entire world, attract people of the opposite sex, business men and women, investors as you will have magical and physical spiritual skills for the reason that the path to the crown is not without danger. The spiritual legend says that only a fabulous talisman like that of the magic circle can actually protect you in lands beyond power.


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