This ring is impressive. Put your finger on it and go to the person of the opposite sex that you want to conquer. When you greet the person with the hand the ring will trigger within 10 seconds an orgasm at this person, the person will be wet.

This strong sensation that she will feel will give her a mad desire to make love to you; All advances you make in the moment will be accepted. The conquered person will always have a craving for love for you when you wear the ring while being with her.


Price: 170 €

Email: [email protected]

My telephone contact: 00229 6861 9086

E_mail: [email protected]



Black Dragon Pendant Circle of Ancient India:

Powerful and Beautiful Indian Talisman of the Sacred and Metaphysical Circle containing two very powerful powers that act very effectively from the first weeks of use. You will seduce all the Great Publics, the Great Personalities of the world (Women, Businessmen, Directors of Society, Politicians, Footballers, Artists, Investors, Economic Operators). All your brand contacts will find you exceptional qualities. The very wealthy men and businesswomen will be very amazed and happy to listen to you, they will have a great confidence in you and a great consideration for your person. You will convince them without them / they will realize and accept for cash all that will come out of your mouth: It is the Sweet Mouth of the good Speaker. You will all have what you want from them and they will offer you even more without hesitation. This Powerful and Beautiful Indian Talisman is truly unique and recommended worldwide. It is sold in all countries of the world with great success. You will see for yourself how this Talisman is very powerful and very effective in the areas below. You will get everything you want from your Contacts, from your FRIENDS, from your Parents, from your WOMEN or Husbands.

First power:
01-Power to irresistibly attract the opposite sex of your choice;
02-Power to attract MEN and WOMEN to the Richest Business;
03-Power to Attract Money, Love, Affection, Health, Joy, Peace and Longevity;
04-Power to always dominate your Contacts, Partners and Opponents;
05-Power to make you known in the Great Business Environment of the whole world;
06-Power to win Big Lots at Lotto, PMU, Bingo and all Games of Chance;

Second power:
07-Power to prevent your Collaborators and Partners from betraying you;
08-Being able to always reign Respect and Fidelity around you;
09-Power to keep your Man, your Woman, your Achievements and your Interests for you alone;
10-Your Business will grow unparalleled and you will remain rich until death;
11-Metaphysical Protection against Sorcery, Fetishism, Maraboutage and Black Magic;
12-Power to return the Evil to the sender with a very strong electric and metaphysical discharge to neutralize or permanently paralyze it;

Price: 400 €.


E-MAIL: [email protected]

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Website: www.maitrekokouvi.onlc.eu

Website: mediumkokouvi.onlc.fr



This product that we present to you is a useful ring for all who want to see the miracle of the sky took place in their life. Inside this ring is present Djinn-prisoner spirit by secret rites. The genius inside will take care of making you rich, by the formulation of your requests. You will not be able to see it unless your third eye is open, but you will be able to feel its presence.

The ring is the element, the means by which you will be tied to this Djinn. Genius does not appear physically, it is invisible and will be a familiar spirit always at your side when you need it. In a very brief prayer only, you will call him to become familiar with you and help you in your business or your difficulties. He will not make you appear the money, but you will bring him by unexplainable chances and amazing. It allows a person doing business or business to make at least 10 million in 40 days.

If a person uses this ring, this person will no longer suffer, these difficulties, money worries will start to end.this ring is very easy to use and is safe, with no negative consequences. This product has been used extensively by traders, the unemployed, people with a lot of debt, and their situation has recovered well.

NB: Please, this ring should not be exposed to water (water should not touch it).


His Mobile Phone: 00229 68619086 0u +229 68619086

 E-mail: [email protected]

 Website: www.supremevoyantmediumkokouvi.fr.gd

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 Full Address: 12 Future of Residence 95190 GoussainCity.

Marabout Vaudou Voyant Médium Retour Affectif



You claim it and here they are, the powerful MAGIC KNIFE OF FISHING, HUNTING, AND OTHER To raise beautiful nets of sole and other fish of sea to the fishing, To catch, to kill, to overcome, the animals of the forest it is to say to the hunt and also to be invisible during a danger you need a professional knife like this one! Long. 26 cm. Blade 17.5 cm. Stainless steel blade.

Polypropylene handle. Supplied in a plastic and hardwood safety case.

 Point of origin:

Brand name:
OEM, CRKT Ken Onion Ripple 2 Blue K400BXP.CR, EKA Swedish Hunting Knives
Model Number: M-09
Place of Origin:
Model number: wind
Material: Steel
Type: Stage Magic
turn: Knife by the arm, hunting, fishing, etc ...

there are several type of color of this magic knife
This is a reduced version of the original Ripple blade and has the spectacular near friction
without IKBS ball bearing system that allows the opening and closing of this knife
incredibly smooth. Ripple 2 has a modification of 2 3/4 "drop point blade
in Japanese premium paid Acuto + stainless steel (59 to 60 Rc.) And has a high grind hollow,
swedged top edge, and a high satin finish. You simply press
on the fin and knife blade slides open. All closed, the blade has a marble
lock to create a bias in favor of being in a closed position.
The Ripple 2 is a frame lock knife with stainelss handles
which are CNC machined with a large 'domino', texture and the 44 small holes
to reduce the weight. The K400BXP model has a titanium nitride
Knife category: Manual folder
Blade Style: Drop Point, Plain Edge
manual and automatic action
Material of the blade: + Acuto stainless
HRC: 59-60
Length open: 6 1/2
Closed length: 3 3/4 "
Weight: 2.3 ounces
Clip: removable
Lock mechanism: FrameLock
Safety: bias lock ball to the closed position
The blades are bolted to the handle with two Tork type nuts.
That means you can easily adjust the blade tension of the Swing Blade
and remove the blade for cleaning if you need to.
it has an additional blade which pivots to obtain a blade to cut up 8 cm,
and simply turn by pressing a button in the center of the knife.
The eviscerate blade has also been found to be excellent in stripping
without piercing meat or viscera.
Overall, an excellent product Highly recommended!

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My Website is: http://www.maitrekokouvi.onlc.eu/

Marabout Vaudou Voyant Médium Retour Affectif






The Great specialist in couples and sentimental issues is the famous spiritual voodoo KOKOUVI Benin
Loneliness weighs you and you measure how much life would be more enjoyable with a partner at your side? This ritual will act in a quick way and will in the long run promote your real chances of meeting someone who is about to share your life. Love is eternal ! It is this dream that I allow you to achieve through this ritual of love. This ritual will work at your convenience for a heterosexual or homosexual encounter.

Contact me and you will see the extent of my powers.

Whatever the duration, the reason or the circumstances.

Contact me :

My Phone: 00229 68619086 or +229 68619086
My E-mail: [email protected]
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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Voyance d'amour : SORTILÈGE DE MARIAGE."

If you have been trying to get married without success for a long time without sucking, you need this marriage spell. Sometimes because of unknown reasons, such as negative energies or waves, or jealousy, or because of your weak stars, or hatred of enemies, you see that your wedding plans are canceled or sent back at a later date. Many times, you wonder why this happens to you, even if you are, beautiful, elegant, you always meet false people and because of these people, your dreams of getting married and having a happy family is shattered. In order with the wedding spell power, your darling

Go easy with you and marry you as you always dreamed and wanted. If you put an end to this nightmare of even your hour of glory (the day of your wedding) to repel, try this spell.


Whatever the duration, the reason or the circumstances.

Contact me :

My Phone: 00229 68619086 or +229 68619086

My E-mail: [email protected]
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Your company is being courted by another man or your companion by another woman than you. You feel that your partner is coming away from you to "go elsewhere", this method will make him come back to you.

Attention: All the same to the shock in return. It is necessary to bring you the following utensils:

- 7 hair genius KOKOU found in the big forest

-1 bowl of salt prepared (coarse salt)

-1 candle and incense color and scent of your choice prepared At the fetish SAKPATA.

-The urine of a fetish priest who has never known the woman

Put the container in the freezer. Within 48 hours, be assured that the loved one will return to the fold and will not want to go running elsewhere ...

Email: [email protected]

My telephone contact: 00229 6861 9086 Or +229 68619086

My website: http://maitrekokouvi.onlc.eu/



Ritual to remove bad waves in a house

Bring with you:

- 1 cauldron
- 1 white candle
- Myrrh incense
- Spring water
- 1 tablespoon (15 ml) clover
- 1 tablespoon verbena
- 1 tablespoon St. John's wort
- 1 tablespoon of fennel

Light the white candle, burn the incense, then fill three-quarters of your cauldron with spring water. Add one by one the ingredients and repeat several times, singing, until boiling:

Clover, verbena,
St. John's wort and fennel,
Stay away from evil,
Stay away from evil,
Clover, verbena,
St. John's wort and fennel,
Of my house
Stay away from evil.
That it is so.

Breathe in the scent of your potion and feel the negative energy dissipate.

Here is another ritual to do as the moon rises, to keep the evil eye out of your house.

- 45 ml rosemary (about 3 tablespoons)
- Three bay leaves
- 15 ml of basil (about 1 tbsp)
- Three cloves
- Three sticks or 45ml of cinnamon (about 3 tablespoons)

After mixing the ingredients in your hands in a container, add enough water for the mixture to simmer for at least 15 minutes over very low heat.
At the end of this time you will put this potion in a glass bottle that you place away from prying eyes.
Renew this experience at least once a quarter, preferably in a glass or terracotta container, this potion will give your home a protective energy, while exorcising the negative waves emanating from the outside (family, visitors, etc.). ..)




Telephone: 00229 68619086 or +229 68619086

Email: [email protected]

ADDRESS: Rue avenu port of no return ouidah 1992 vodoun
01 BP 12650 BENIN.