Ritual to fight poverty through prayer.

Ritual to fight poverty through prayer.


Ritual to fight poverty through prayer

Here is an astute ritual that will allow you to get a high
financial protection through the miraculous powers of prayer.
Improve your quality of life financially by practicing
the magic of the psalms.
This prayer ritual will bring you material security on a daily basis.
Your request will be answered by the purity of your secret intentions.
The following prayers are to begin 3 days before the full moon.
Every day, before reciting your Psalm, make Our Father, light
3 candles, representing the trinity, and burn the incense that corresponds to the psalm read.

To know the psalm to read, recall on its number and you will get
its entire contents.

For this ritual you will need:
A Bible.
3 white candles per day of prayer.
Pontifical incense
incense king mages
incense storax
incense of Lebanon
incense saint Rita
incense myrrh
Incense Holy Ship

Your prayers
Psalm 3: helps to combat poverty and the risks of
bankruptcy, pontifical incense
Psalm 6: to be heard and protected, in case of prosecution
judicial by creditors, incense kings mages.
Psalm 8: Brings lasting trust to your customers if you own
a trade, if not strengthens your willingness to convince your banker
to get a loan, incense storax.
Psalm 18: Brings material and financial protection to the house,
keeps the jealous and the thieves away, incense from Lebanon.
Psalm 22: useful to get out of a difficult financial situation and
find quick solutions, holy incense Rita.
Psalm 26: to get fast protection in finances and move away
the hidden enemies, Saint incense sends.
Psalm 35: To win a financial judicial proceeding, incense myrrh.


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