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The hounfor is the place where voodoo ceremonies are generally practiced. It is divided into 2 parts:
- The peristyle: square shed or rectangle on the ground in clay. In the center, stands the mitan post, a decorated pillar that is supposed to go "from earth to heaven". It serves as a communication link between spirits and initiates. A part of the peristyle is reserved for the hountoguis (masters of the drums). Next to them there is the choir, led by the hongenikon (the head of the choir of a temple). In front of the musicians and singers, one finds the flags. Their role is to maintain discipline in the temple. The hounssi and the houngan or the mambo are all around the vevets drawn in the center. Only this group in the center is capable of being "possessed" by the loa. In a second circle are held the profane and the hungnos.
- The cellar of the mysteries: it is a room apart, reserved for the priests and certain hounssi. It is the sanctuary of one or more loas. It happens that a houngan has several cellars, destined for several loas. There is the Pe, intended to receive the offerings, the potters, the govis, and the accessories of the priests. The place is forbidden, taboo.
- The Guevo: it is a room reserved for initiation, which is found only in the great temples.

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